lavender field & Vidra, the whippet


lavender field & Vidra, the whippet


Photos by Austin Hargrave

"To me, “making it” or success as far as in the creative world, that to me is complete baloney. Everything that I do, from songwriting to writing poetry to painting, each thing leads me to the next. There’s always room for development and progress and really just creation. I’m trying to create as many things as I can."

- Scott Avett

(I’m gonna be perfectly honest here, I didn’t post this quote for what Scott said, which is nice and everything, but for the fact that he used the word baloney and I’m imagining him saying the word in his fantastic, deep voice and I can’t get over it.)

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There was a bunny at Lowes today eating all the flowers

haha u go lil bun
fight the power

live the dream, small friend

a criminal

Track Title: Change Of Time

Artist: Josh Ritter

Album: So Runs The World Away


Josh Ritter - Change Of Time